Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WCD Winter Wonderland Card Crop

Scrapbook News and Review Presents...

WCD Winter Wonderland Card Crop OCT 4th

Scrapbook News and Review is ringing in the holiday card making season in a grand way! World Card Making Day is Oct 4th, and we at Scrapbook News and Review are inviting you to join us for a full day of cardmaking fun! There will be tons of games, challenges, and fun banter in the forums. Our galleries will be open for inspiration, including a new gallery filled with tons of holiday cheer. We will be showing a complete look at all the major holiday releases this year. There will also be fun guest sponsors and hosts, and fun prizes, too...definitely not to be missed!

Ready to get your holiday cardmaking started? Want to see the fun Winter Lines the major manufacturers are debuting this season? Want to make some new friends, and maybe win a few prizes? Make plans to join Scrapbook News and Review (www.scrapbooknewsandreview.com) on Oct 4th for an all day Card Crop.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Faithbuilder Friday

Ok, found another author I need to recommend to you: Francine Rivers. She has written quite a few, but the 2 series I have recently been working through deal with men and women of the Bible. The Sons of Encouragement Series takes a look at the lives of a Priest (Aaron), Prophet(Amos), Scribe (Silas), Warrior (Caleb) and Prince. Then there is the Lieage of Grace series- that looks at 5 women named in the lineage of Christ. These are awesome books...and a great way to make the Bible come alive.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week

Well, it really isn't a blog- but an entire community- FaithScrappersUK. Thy have a Design Team, forums, classes and more. Head on over and take a look!!

Congrats FaithScrappersUK at being this weeks Featured Blog of the Week!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Featured Layout of the Week

I love this layout...love any layout done on kraft paper. I am so partial to kraft papers. I just think everything pops of the page! I love the wings she added to this, and the touches of red. WTG!!

Congrats, Rowena for being this week's Featured Layout of the Week!! Drop me an email at ahouse@scrapbooknewsandreview.com and we'll get you set up for a free month of SNR!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Half Birthday!!

The 6th- yes, 6th issue of Scrapbook News and Review is up and ready for your reading pleasure. Everyday, I see threads and conversations on the forums about the lack of content in the popular scrapping magazines. Can I just say: CHECK US OUT!! SNR has literally hundreds of projects, dozens of articles, a complete card section,and tons of altered projects and mini albums. Not to mention product reviews, tutorials, even a monthely feature that tours cool scraprooms. How fun is that?! And, it bears repeating: Pay for one month- you get EVERYTHING we have ever published for that month!!! Check it out!!

Scrapbook News And Review

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week

Found a great blog to share with you: Crafting Magic this baby is just chocked full of YUM!! She has sketches, altered goodies, cards- oh, I love Magnolias!! I love the Recipe box she made- so cute! And, what a cute bookmark- I need a bookmark or two...I am so going to try this idea! Head on over and take a look!!

Crafting Magic

Monday, September 15, 2008

Featured Layout of the Week

It's been a while since I highlighted an altered project...and I LOVE altered work!! I love the idea of pieces that show our faith out and about for others to see and handle!! This piece is stunning...take a look at all of the detail Suse has put into this. I love the colors and the layers- I mean---WOW!!

Congrats, Suse, on being this week's Featured Layout of the Week. Send me a quick note at ahouse@scrapbooknewsandreview.com and we'll get you set up for a free month of the magazine. Just in time, too- *Wink*...the new issue publishes WEDS!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Faithbuilder Friday

If you have never heard of it before, I want to introduce you to Discipleship Journal. What an awesome resource!! This is a magazine, with wonderful articles, columns and devotional for every Christian. It is timely, relevant- and a great help in our daily walks. I really cannot recommend this one enough---Discipleship Journal, check it out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week

I have a great new community for you all. They boast a forum, a fun gallery, and even some contests for fun. They are a relatively young site, which can make it fun. You get the opportunity to start on the ground floor, so to speak. They are also holding a DT search, so you might want to throw your hat in the ring. Anyway-- Congrats From Here 2 Scrapternity for being this week's Featured Blog of the Week!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Page Prompt

So, I have been spending time memorizing the Beatitudes. Figured after being a Christian for 20+ years, it might be time, lol. This is just a goldmine is Scripture. If you have never taken the time to memorize them, I highly recommend it! Anyway- your page prompt this week- scrap one of the Beatitudes--Mt5:3-11. Use it as a starting point, the journaling, whatever. Take it and run with it! Have fun!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Featured Layout of the Week

I was peaking through the gallery at SNR, and look what I found! Love this one--what a great word for the year. Or anytime. I really like the stitching and the way Gail split the paper on this. Great job, Gail...and thanks for sharing with us!

Congrats to Gail for being this week's Featured Layout of the Week. Gail, if you could email me at ahouse@scrapbooknewsandreview.com I'll get you set up for a free month of the magazine.

Friday, September 5, 2008

FaithBuilder Friday

I have recently started reading for enjoyment, again. I used to read voraciously as a teenager and young adult...but somehow I lost that over the years. Still not a bookworm, but I have been enjoying it. thought I would recommend a series to you: AD Chronicles, by the Thoene's. This is one of my favorite series of all time- and highly, highly recommended...I would love to make it required reading for all Christians. This takes the life of Christ- and makes it readable for the average person. They do not change history, and the research is impeccable. What they do is take the accounts from the points of view of others in the story- like the blind begger that Jesus healed, the centurion who pleaded for the healing of his servant, and the shepherds who witnessed the angels sing. Imagine delving into their thoughts and feelings! Very cool!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chime In...and HELP!

This time our Chime In question is meant to help me out. November's issue of SNR deals with Christmas and holiday projects...fun, huh? I love Christmas!!

I actually want you guys to write my column for this issue. I want to compile a column filled with reader's ideas on how to celebrate the holiday. So your question this week: How does your family keep Christ in Christmas? Do you have any special traditions? Have you made any special items to help with this? Let's hear it... your idea might even end up published in November's issue!!

PS- you just have to know the call for next month is going to be Christmas related, right? Here's you 'sneak peek': I will be looking for your Christmas related layouts, cards and altered projects that keep Christ in Christmas. Get your thinking caps on!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Call For Layouts

I know, this week's blog posts are all messed up...it's because of the holiday here in the US. For today, let's look at the current call for layouts...

Scrapbook News and Review is looking for
your Faith based layouts for its monthly column: A Faith Perspective.
This month, we are specifically looking for faith based layouts dealing
with marriage, your spouse, foundations of marriage, etc. What does
your marriage mean? Where is God in your Marriage? How is your spouse a
blessing to you? These are a few of the questions your layout might
choose to address.

The Details:

--All layouts should be submitted by Sept 12th.

--Images should be no larger than 550 pixels on the longest side

--Image names should include layout name and your name...For Example: Happy Birthday by Mary Smith.jpg

--Please include complete supply list in submission

--Please include all journaling typed out in your submission email

--Please include contact information.

--Layouts may be previously seen. If chosen, we respectfully
request they be removed from any blogs or galleries. An 'Out for
Publication' sign will be provided upon request.

--Please send to: ahouse@scrapbooknewsandreview.com


Come on, Ladies and Gentlemen...send me those lovely layouts!!


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