Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chime In

Last week's Chime In was so fun! I loved reading all of the comments and getting to know you all just a little better. I hope you will continue to play along, and comment. I know everyone else will enjoy getting to know you, too!!

This week's question: How old were you when you accepted Christ and were saved?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Month's Calls

Scrapbook News and Review is looking for you card creations.
September's Issue will feature Back to School Cards in every shape and
variety. We want to see your cards for kids, your Teacher cards, any
school themed card you can think of!

Other Card themes:

*GrandParent's Day

*Simple Sentiments

*Just Because

*Cards featuring embossing--dry or wet

*Cards using sheers/transparencies

The Details:

-Cards due by Aug 23rd.

-Must include complete supply list

-Must be 350 pixels on longest side

-Please include contact info

- Cards may be previously seen. If chosen, we respectfully request
they be removed from any blogs or galleries. An 'Out for Publication'
sign will be provided upon request.

Send submissions to:

Scrapbook News and Review is looking for your Faith based Layouts.
This month's theme deals with scrapping your difficult moments. Life
isn't all about the good times, and our scrapbooks should reflect that,
too. Have you gone through a difficult season in your life? A time of
trial or testing? We would love to see the faith based pages you have
done that deal with this.

The Details:

-Layouts are due by Aug 23rd

-Must include complete Supply List

-Must include journaling typed out

-Please include contact info

-please size to 550 pixels on longest side.

-Layouts may be previously seen. If chosen, we respectfully request
they be removed from any blogs or galleries. An 'Out for Publication'
sign will be provided upon request.

Send submissions to:

Featured Blog of the Week

I love Lorrie's blog.... I really love her writing style. She is what she is, and she doesn't worry about hiding it. How refreshing! She loves Jesus, her family, and her hobbies...and all of them are on her blog. I tell ya- I read her almost everyday.. You just can't help but relate!

Congrats Lorrie...your blog: Ramblings from a slightly demented SAHM's mind is our blog of the week. (OK, who loves the names as much as me?!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Woo-Hoo!!! I have the BEST Announcement!!

I am so excited, I can barely stand it....are you ready? Want to hear my news? We have an all new, completely awesome gallery at SNR!!! It works, it is easy to use...and it looks great, too! I am so excited, I am going to make you share with me.... I am NOT going to show you our Featured Layout of the Week---not today anyway. I am going to link to it in the gallery, and make you go check it (and the gallery) out there. Sneaky, huh? While your there- upload something to share with us---we want to see it! (And, you might even be LOTW next week!) To upload- just click user control panal on any page in the gallery---there will be an option to add a picture....easy-peasy!

OK- onto LOTW- I love the energy and movement in this---it just feels young and fresh. Theresa was tryng for a joyful expression--and she definietly succeeded!! HERE is the LOTW-- Congrats, Theresa!! Drop me an email ( and I will get you your free month of the magazine!!

PS--I will add Theresa's lovely layout into the side column and slideshow in a day or 2...but until then....CHECK OUT THE GALLERY, lol!!

ETA: Added in Theresa's wonderful layout!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

FaithBuilder Friday

I found this site earlier in the week, and have been having a blast playing... Pandora.

The concept is simple- you tell them an artist or song you like, they build a 'station' just for streams music to your desktop, that you get to customize. Like Chris Rice, build a station. It will play Chris, and others like him. You tell Pandora whether you like the song, by clicking a thumbs up or down--and it customizes the station even more. I have to say- it's pretty darn good. I've only hit like one song I didn't like.

Imagine the fun, though--listen to your favorite Christian artists---and discover more just like them, at the same time. Give it a try!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chime In!

I have a new feature, I would like to try. It's called: Chime In, and it is soooo easy. Think of it like a Question of the Week. I will pose a question- you leave a comment with your answer. Easy-peasy, right?! So, come on---chime in!

This week: What is your favorite Christian song or Hymn?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week

Oh...My...Word!! I cannot believe I haven't shown you this blog before now. What was I thinking?! Seriously, I love Terrie's blog. I've been known to visit just for the music choices on the bottom of the page. But the entire blog is a treasure....or a jewel in the Crown. Her Spirit, love of the King and her family, and joy are just infectious. I, simply put,...LOVE this blog.

Congrats, Terrie. Your blog is the Featured Blog of the Week.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekly Prompt

Just a quick reminder...these weekly prompts are just meant to be a starting point- a page idea. I hear/see people say that they would like to add their faith into their scrapbooks, but don't know where to start. These Page prompts are your starting point. Looking for more? In the left column of the blog, there are labels--just click on the Page Prompts and Challenges for a complete listing. And, of course...when you use an idea, we would love to see it! Leave us a comment and link us up!

This month, we are talking about out spiritual heritage in the Faithbooking column. Your page prompt is this: Do a page about your grandparents. Were they a spiritual influence for you? Why or why not? If you did not know your grandparents, reflect on that, as well....don't be afraid to pour your heart out before God in your pages. After all- He knows it anyway!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Layout of the Week 7/21/08

So, who said Layout of the Week had to be a layout? Hey- we are a non partial scrap blog, here!! We love cards and altered goodies, too...and I instantly fell in love with this little tin Megan at Scrap of Faith made!! Love the colors, love the Fruits of the Spirit Book she made for the inside. It is just so cute--and what a great way to put these verses into your hands...or your children's hands! Congrat's Megan--you our this week's Layout of the Week!!

ETA: I had a request to see the original for more details...sounds fair. Here is a link to Megs gallery at A Scrap Of Faith. Her project is easy to find....

Friday, July 18, 2008

FaithBuider Friday

I have a wonderful site to share with you, that I have been saving for a while. I love this blogger like she were my own mother. OK, she is my own mother...I really debated for a while about sharing this. AFP is not a personal blog, and this is my Mom's blog I am about to recommend. But, what it comes down to is this: I would definitely recommend it if she wasn't my Mom...seem's fair, right?

Anyway, this blog is chocked full of really pretty photography from her trips and wanderings around the country....and some really cool devotional articles. She has an easy writing style, that makes her fun to read, too. You need to stop by for a visit...but take a cool drink and get comfy--you'll be there a while!!

Faithful Journeys

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week

I love blogs that give me ideas I just 'need to try....NOW!" Lara has a blog like that. I loved the pipe cleaner idea...and the curtains on the Showtime layout- too cute! There is just tons of fun and eye candy to be seen here!!

Congrats, Lara...your Scrappy Kea has been named Featured Blog of the Week!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New Month-- A New Issue!!

Scrapbook News and Review published on Saturday...woohoo!! I know I say this every month...but every month I am just blown away by the incredible talent in this magazine--this magazine is flipping awesome!! You really need to check it out!!

The Faith Column this month is called A Heritage of Faith...and I must, as always, give the credit to God for this. I am not a writer, it is not my profession, and never an ambition. When God opened the opportunity for this column, I knew it was going to be awesome---because He was the one who was going to be doing it! He gets all the glory--because I could do none of this without Him...and this article was no exception. I just really feel like He gave me the words for this, so it was a joy to write! Here, take a peek:

July is such a natural time for those of us in


to look back. We remember our ancestors and their fight for
freedom. We remember the groundbreaking idea that democracy is and we
celebrate the freedoms that others fought to give us. It is, therefore,
a natural time for us to think about our religious heritage as well.
Whether you are in


or not, none of us exist in a vacuum. God has
perfectly orchestrated the details and people in our lives that have
brought us to Him. What joy, not only to remember them, but record
their stories and our histories in our scrapbooks for future
generations to be influenced also.

The article goes on to give practical, hands-on tips and tricks for interviewing members of your family....even a list of questions to get you started. Of course, there is beautiful art to give you ideas, too.

Our challenge this month, is to do a heritage layout for a faithful member of your family, or tell about the heritage of faith that you would like to leave for your family. As always---share it with us!! Link it here, and we'll come take a look...or email it to me at ahouse@scrapbooknewsandreview to have it considered for Layout of the Week.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Featured Layout of the Week 7-12-08

So, guess what we're doing a little differently? Yup- Layout of the Week. I was talking to my assistant editor last week and had a duh moment...ever have those? I have way too many! Anyway, we were talking about the troubles with the gallery- which we are working on fixing, btw- hang in there with us---and the Featured Layout of the Week. She said I shouldn't worry about choosing ones that were only in the gallery- and I actually had to think this through--well, how was I going to see them if they weren't in the gallery---DUH! I go looking, and you can send me submissions. So, starting this week, you never know where I might pop up- never know what fun layout might get chosen. I might see you in another gallery or blog- or you feel free to send me your submission via email- be sure to mark it Featured Layout.

So, this week's Featured Layout is this stunning layout I found on the Salt Challenge Blog. If you have never visited--why not?! Seriously- love them, love that the challenges are done by card and altered artists as well as layout artist. This is Kimberly's work: Freedom. I am totally loving the picture and the colors of this! I love how the blue jumps out at you, and how her cutie just seems to be striving toward the he understands it is the ONLY thing that will set him free. Too cool! Kimberly, drop me an email, please...I need to get you set up with your free issue.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Faithbuilder Friday

You need a faithbuilder, I know you do---don't we all?! I've got one to share...It's a little late, but I still have one for you! Jesus said to GO out into all the world...We are also told to 'pray that God would raise up workers for the harvest'. Well, I found a site that will help you to plray for every country on the globe. This is just so cool...they take one country a day, tell you about it...pertinent facts, a little culture etc---they just make it so much easier to pray intelligently! I LOVE it!! It's called Operation World...and together, we CAN reach the World!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week

I have just paid a visit to Silvia over at Mabie Stampin'. What a great blog! I love her Teaching Tuesdays. I love her cards. And, you have got to scroll until you get to her box in a bag tutorial. So cute!! So, Congrats, Silvia for being this week's Featured Blog of the Week!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Few Calls

Scrapbook News and Review is looking for cards, and we know you have them. Issue 5 is spotlighting Friendship cards-- encouragement, funny, cheer up, miss you, and general friendship. We are also looking for cards featuring chipboard; inspirational cards, party invites, and get well cards.

The Faithbooking Column: A Faith Perspective is looking for your faith based layouts with a nature theme. Anything from a butterfly to the whole of the great outdoors, if your layout is praising God for His Creation, we want to see it.

The Fine Print:

1.All submissions are due to me by the 21st of July.
2.All submissions must include a complete supply list, and contact information.
3.Cards should be 350 pixels on longest side. Layouts should be 550 pixels.
4.Mail all submissions to

Monday, July 7, 2008

Featured Layout of the Week 7-7-08

I am always thrilled when you all play along with our challenges and prompts...but this layout Natalie sent in is just truly exceptional. the colors, the spirit, just the overall statement is WOW!! Congrats, Natalie, I am thrilled to choose your layout as Featured Layout of the Week!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week 7-02-08

I want to show you Hope's blog: 4The Memories Not only does she have some beautiful artwork...but the sweetest Spirit. What an encouraging site. I love the questions she asked her parents....want to know the secrets of a long marraige? Check out Hope's blog!!

Congrats Hope, on being this week's Featured Blog of the Week!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekly Prompt

Your prompt this week is a word--but a very timely word. FREEDOM. Perfect for this week, huh? Whether it is freedom in Christ, or religious freedom, this weeks challenge is to do a page thanking God for your freedom. Remember to link us up to your work...we wanna see too!

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