Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekly Prompt

Just a quick reminder...these weekly prompts are just meant to be a starting point- a page idea. I hear/see people say that they would like to add their faith into their scrapbooks, but don't know where to start. These Page prompts are your starting point. Looking for more? In the left column of the blog, there are labels--just click on the Page Prompts and Challenges for a complete listing. And, of course...when you use an idea, we would love to see it! Leave us a comment and link us up!

This month, we are talking about out spiritual heritage in the Faithbooking column. Your page prompt is this: Do a page about your grandparents. Were they a spiritual influence for you? Why or why not? If you did not know your grandparents, reflect on that, as well....don't be afraid to pour your heart out before God in your pages. After all- He knows it anyway!!

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