Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New Month-- A New Issue!!

Scrapbook News and Review published on Saturday...woohoo!! I know I say this every month...but every month I am just blown away by the incredible talent in this magazine--this magazine is flipping awesome!! You really need to check it out!!

The Faith Column this month is called A Heritage of Faith...and I must, as always, give the credit to God for this. I am not a writer, it is not my profession, and never an ambition. When God opened the opportunity for this column, I knew it was going to be awesome---because He was the one who was going to be doing it! He gets all the glory--because I could do none of this without Him...and this article was no exception. I just really feel like He gave me the words for this, so it was a joy to write! Here, take a peek:

July is such a natural time for those of us in


to look back. We remember our ancestors and their fight for
freedom. We remember the groundbreaking idea that democracy is and we
celebrate the freedoms that others fought to give us. It is, therefore,
a natural time for us to think about our religious heritage as well.
Whether you are in


or not, none of us exist in a vacuum. God has
perfectly orchestrated the details and people in our lives that have
brought us to Him. What joy, not only to remember them, but record
their stories and our histories in our scrapbooks for future
generations to be influenced also.

The article goes on to give practical, hands-on tips and tricks for interviewing members of your family....even a list of questions to get you started. Of course, there is beautiful art to give you ideas, too.

Our challenge this month, is to do a heritage layout for a faithful member of your family, or tell about the heritage of faith that you would like to leave for your family. As always---share it with us!! Link it here, and we'll come take a look...or email it to me at ahouse@scrapbooknewsandreview to have it considered for Layout of the Week.

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