Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday News!

A couple of things to tell you all, today!  First- the January issue of Scrapbook News and Review is up- YEAH!!  As always, this is an awesome issue!  I am constantly amazed at the talent we have on staff.  The cool thing is, as we grow and people hear about us- we are getting so much great input and contributions from our readers, too!  So awesome to see the magazine grow, evolve and improve.  If you haven't checked us out, I highly recommend it!!  There is just soooo much there!! 

The other thing I wanted to mention:  I had a couple of people ask me for the blog address for last week's Featured Layout.  Understandable- it was totally incredible, wasn't it?!  Well, keep your eyes peeled...cause I have a feeling she might be Featured Blog real soon, lol!!

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