Friday, April 18, 2008

FaithBuilder Friday

A Faith Perspective recognizes that we must grow and develop our faith, before we can add it to our everyday scrapbooks. To help with this, I will be highlighting resources that are out there that would fall under the category of faith building.

This week, you almost get a two-fer. Let's start here: Living Proof Blog. This is the blog for Beth Moore. Now, if you have not done one of Beth's incredible Bible Studies- RUN, don't walk to get your hands on one. You will be blessed beyond measure, I promise you!! Here's the second part of this two-fer: Beth's Podcasts. These are updated regularly- weekly, I believe. This woman is just a joy to listen to, I tell you! I know that you will enjoy pod-ing her!

Now, if you have a resource for faith building you think we will all benefit from, I am trusting you to send it to me! afaithperspective(at) Have a wonderful weekend!

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Scrap Evangel said...

Hi there, there's a huge freebie available at

Also, could you please add Scrap of Faith to your blog list?

Abundant blessings!


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