Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our First Featured Site!

I am proud to announce that our first featured blog is Faith Sisters. This is an amazing site, filled with loving and supportive Christian women. The forums are active and encouraging. The galleries are filled with wonderful examples of recorded faith. And, every week, Faith Sisters hosts 3 different challenges designed to grow your faith, and develop your Spirit led scrapbooks. Here is the official Press Release:

Leave A Legacy Of Faith with Faith Sisters
Faith Sisters is proud to announce the grand opening of a brand new Christian scrapbooking website at www.faithsisters.com. The launch of this exciting community brings together many sisters from all over the world who participate in faithbooking challenges, contests, member chats, and so much more.

West Virginia November 27, 2007 – Faith Sisters announced the opening of its new website www.faithsisters.com “Helping You Leave A Legacy Of Faith” in September. The site is designed to provide inspiration, support, and a feeling of community amongst the Christian artists that visit there. It offers weekly faithbooking challenges, tutorials, exclusive designs, an online shop with lots of faithbooking freebies, downloadable Word Art, inspiring layouts and artwork in the inspiration gallery, and many other useful services. The Faith Sisters Shop has pre-made digital designs for sale, one can find educational assistance at the Online Classroom, and members can post their own layout creations in the Inspiration Gallery and chat with other Faith Sisters in the forums.

Faith Sisters is the brainstorm of three creative women who befriended one another while working in the scrapbooking industry. Karma Holoboff, Sunny Kohler and Michelle McVaney, the co-owners of Faith Sisters, live many states from one another but they are proof that the internet can be used for good. Their goal was to create a website that would give like minded women who are followers of Christ a forum to meet and share their art and inspiration, while also introducing others to this idea of leaving a legacy of faith. “We wanted to start Faith Sisters to provide an organized, fun, and helpful website for others to learn how to leave a legacy of faith in their scrapbooks,” says Michelle McVaney, a co-owner of Faith Sisters. “We envision it as a place for all to feel welcome; a place that nurtures those new to the idea of faithbooking and scrapping while allowing the more experienced artists to inspire and shine. Faith Sisters provides all of its members with a place to feel at home, surrounded by friends, sharing something that we love.”

Karma Holoboff, the Faith Sisters webmaster and co-owner, says,"We expected the site to be popular, but we were shocked to see the forum grow so quickly! The traffic numbers on the site have been higher than we could have ever imagined. For the month of November we will have had over five thousand unique visitors. Proof that Faithbooking and Leaving A Legacy of Faith is growing quickly and has been much needed in the industry!" Sunny Kohler, another Faith Sisters co-owner, adds, “As faithbooking is growing and developing within the scrapbooking industry, we see a huge potential for product lines both paper and digital. This large faithbooking market is new and untouched and deserves to have high quality products specific to this new form of art and worship.”

The art of paper scrapbooking has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The Hobby Industry Association estimates the number of scrapbookers in the U.S. to over 62 million, with 57% of U.S. households participating in scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking is a unique alternative to the traditional craft of scrapbooking by incorporating the computer to create artwork. Faithbooking is adding your faith into your scrapbooks, documenting God’s fingerprints in your life. “TELL the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.” (Psalm 78:4).

The design team at FaithSisters.com encourages everyone to come – be inspired to Leave A Legacy Of Faith.

Faith Sisters
Helping You Leave A Legacy of Faith

If you have not visited yet, I would highly recommend you drop by!!

If you have a blog that highlights your faith, (even if it is not specifically about faithbooking) and would like to see it added to our rolls, drop me a line at annejillian(at)gmail.com .

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