Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week 5-21-08

This week's feature is wonderful! I love the art (and I mean some serious eye candy- so pretty!), the heart behind the posts, and the honesty. I love that when she is happy, she says it...and when she is sad, she is honest about that, too! Life is not all sunshine and roses, to be sure. There is just something about being honest about that. Anyway, Karen at Blessed Beyond Measure...con grats!! you have this weeks Featured blog of the Week!! Thanks for shining His light!!

Remember to send in your favorite blog links- even your own- for a chance to be featured.


Sal :-) said...

Oh how Cool :-D Karen is even more beautiful in real life and any one who has met her is very blessed indeed :D

Karen L said...

Thank you so much guys - I feel so totally honoured to have you feature my blog. In fact I am probably quite amazed that it is even read by others - God is good and I definately feel blessed beyond measure.

Chrissy said...

Just had to leave a little post... what a fantastic choice!! Woohoo! Karen is such a beautiful soul and a blessing to us all.

Well done to Karen! Yay!

God Bless
Chrissy x


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