Thursday, May 1, 2008

This Month at SNR

So, are you at all curious about what is inside this wonderful magazine? A TON!!! Seriously- nearly 3 times the number of articles, layouts and projects as your average print magazine. Now, that is a lot of goodness!! For a peek at the Table of contents, take a look here.

And, what about the Faith column? This month, we introduced the idea of faithbooking. We discussed the benefits to adding faith into your everyday scrapbook layouts...for you and your family. There were practical tips and ideas to get you started adding your faith into YOUR scrapbooks. And, there were half a dozen beautiful layouts just to spur your imagination.

I would seriously encourage everyone to give it a go- 3 times the content, and less than the price of one of your average print magazines. Cannot beat that...and- we'll store it for you, too!! (Oh- and every page has a wonderful print option, too!)

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